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What is it that shall be?  That which has been.  What is it that shall be seen?  That which has been seen . . . There is no new thing under the sun.


From the journal of Charlemagne Gordon:

Another day has passed.

I bagged a serk in the high forest.  Dressed out at 52 pounds of meat.  It should last the summer if the generator holds.

This evening another tark tested the fence.  That’s three in a week’s time.  They’re coming so close because the generator’s power cell is almost depleted.  The lights seem dimmer to me now than they did even a couple of nights ago.

It has always been hard for me to pray.  For that matter it is hard for me to acknowledge any authority greater than my own.  But, perhaps here in my private journal, which may never be read by another living soul, I can make a start.  I feel that it is time.

God, if you are there, please help me.  In a while, the power cell will be gone.  When it is gone, the lights will fail.  Then, I must go and live in the hills at the sufferance of another, or stay here and surely die.  Either way is a kind of ending.

I know now that no one will ever come.  I do not hope for that.  But God, if you are there, you can do anything.  You can help me think of something, some way to go on.

The lights are dimming.


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November 3, 2012 · 7:19 am